Corporate Social Responsibilty


Our Company runs a successful business taking into account the basic universal human values and general corporate and national development priorities. The Company’s social and environmental responsibility towards its operating regions is crucial to its success in the long term. Sindikat-Logistik Co Ltd is convinced that sustainable growth is impossible unless the interests of all parties are considered.


Our principles corporate social responsibility:

  • Encouraging a positive attitude to the Company, its subsidiaries and affiliates on the part of federal, regional and local authorities
  • Increasing confidence in the Company and improving its reputation
  • Improving the quality of life of the Company’s employees, as well as of the personnel of its subsidiaries and affiliates
  • Effectively cooperating with the Government and society in tackling social issues
  • Improving corporate governance practice
  • Upholding the supremacy of law
  • Awareness of our social responsibility
  • Ethical business conduct and integrity
  • Respect for the interests of stakeholders
  • Identification of stakeholders and cooperation with them
  • Compliance with international standards of conduct
  • Respect for human rights
  • Protection of the environment


Socially responsible business is one of Sindikat-Logistik Co Ltd strategic goals. We believe that continuous and sustainable development of the Company is directly related to its position on corporate social responsibility.